General Election

Our Candidates for MP have included:

Salford & Eccles

Emma Van Dyke

Born in Belfast, Emma moved to Salford in 2011 and became involved in politics after seeing the effects of austerity on the most vulnerable in society. As well as being the Chair for Salford Green Party, she is also a strong supporter of disability rights, volunteers at a local mental health charity and spends her free time helping to raise money for a range of other charities at events across the Greater Manchester area.




Worsley & Eccles South

Chris Bertenshaw

"Being a local lad, I'm really proud to be standing in Salford and my home town of Worsley. The Green Party has never really had a strong presence in Salford, but in 2014 we kick started the local party and it’s grown enormously since then.

So about me, I studied politics at university and work in Manchester. I am from a staunch socialist background, the kind that upholds fundamental ideas such as public services, fairness and progressive attitudes to heart and defends them vehemently. At the Greens we have some cracking ideas of that ilk!

You’d never guess, being a Green Party type, but I have a rather strong passion for the outdoors and love messing around in Salford’s Green spaces. Unusually though perhaps for the Greens, I also can’t get enough of “dirty” petrol engines, cars and motorbikes, but everything in moderation I suppose."



Blackley & Broughton

David Jones

Broughton born and bred, David is an environmental scientist and academic who has worked on energy and environmental projects across Europe. He has research papers published in fifty-two countries spanning five continents.

Together with witnessing increasing inequality and the abandonment of the poor and the vulnerable in the UK, it was also seeing how political expediency can devastate the environment that led David to joining the Green Party.

He is a fully involved member of the Green Party's Energy Policy Working Group, and played a major role in amending the Party's Energy Policy, helping it dovetail with our Climate Change Policy.

Recent campaigning work includes opposition to a local inappropriate development on grounds of air quality and successfully helping residents with Bedroom Tax disputes in Salford.