Local Elections

Blackfriars and Trinity Ward

We have grown

Wendy Olsen Guy Otten and Chris Seed are your candidates for the ward of Blackfriars and Trinity. This month we are highlighting Wendy, and in the next couple of months other candidates in the area.

Wendy has lived in Salford since 1988. She is chair of the management committee of Salford Women's Centre and was a member of the board of the Salford Unemployed and Community Resource Centre.  She was a high school parent governor and was employed for several years at Salford University.  

Wendy has written a book about money with Mary Mellor and F. Hutchinson. It is called The Politics of Money. They argue that the financial system needs restructuring with people's needs coming first.  Among the changes, she wants to see a Citizen's Income and a living wage and she opposes the austerity approach to government budgets.  

She favours an injection of funds to help low-income people get better jobs.  That could be in health, in construction, in busses and rail, lastly in solar and wind power generation.  That would mean an end to the government's budget cuts.  She is an economist with experience in third world countries especially India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. She has 30 years experience as an economist and is head of the Association for Heterodox Economics (www.hetecon.net).

Other wards

We selected all our 3 candidates for the General Election, see separate item at https://salford.greenparty.org.uk/general-elections.html

We are also standing people in all 20 wards in the May 2020 council elections. If you would like to invite our candidate for hustings, or to give a talk or simply visit to make a note of your local issues, please email Bryan Blears, Wendy Olsen, Chris Seed, Guy Otten, Daniel Towers, or David Jones. For simplicitly you may use our official email addresses:



Phone or text 07891 266635  (Note, this green party phone is not used daily)