Salford Greens show support at anti-austerity demonstration

26 May 2015

On Saturday 23rd May members of the Salford Green Party joined forces with the Manchester People’s Assembly and many other campaign groups across Greater Manchester to exercise their right to protest against the Conservative Government’s austerity policies.

Around 2000 concerned citizens gathered in Manchester Piccadilly Gardens to raise awareness and voice their disapproval of government cuts that cause so much harm to the public. Issues such as cuts to the NHS, the bedroom tax, homelessness, Devo-Manc and TTIP were brought to the forefront of people’s minds as they enjoyed the bank holiday sunshine in the city centre.

Complete with music, stalls and public speakers, the demonstration had a cheerful festival atmosphere despite the importance of the issues raised. People of all ages and backgrounds attended the event that highlighted the fact that austerity is not the only way to run our country. The overall message was clear: The people of Salford and Greater Manchester want a brighter future and will do everything they can to campaign against the unfairness of Conservative austerity.


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