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1 June 2015

We would like to begin by saying a huge THANK YOU to all who voted for us in the recent General & Local Elections. After the dust settled we may not have all got the outcome we would have liked and perhaps feel our high number of votes were not properly represented, but the members of Salford Green Party are absolutely delighted with the General Election results. There is a lot to be positive about!

After never before standing General Election candidates in Salford we covered all three constituencies: Salford & Eccles, Worsley & Eccles South and Blackley & Broughton. We achieved a vote share of 5% in Salford & Eccles, putting us in 4th place, out of 8 candidates.

To put that into perspective, we received a greater vote share here than the Green Party did when standing a candidate for Brighton Pavilion in 1997. Since 2010 Brighton Pavilion has elected the exemplary Green MP, Caroline Lucas. We are off to a very promising start!

But this is just the start. We are now setting our aim on getting the Green Party onto Salford Council to challenge our Labour councillors to always put the needs of our community first.
The appetite for Green politics in Salford, as demonstrated through these results, show us that our work has only just begun.

There is a common idea that people only see politicians in the run up to general elections. We will ensure that this is not the case with The Green Party in Salford. We will be here all year round to work with the community, to involve ourselves with local events and to show local people that getting a Green representative on Salford Council in 2016 will be great for both our community and the environment in which we all work and live.

As a party we understand that the most important elements for us are the thoughts and ideas of the residents of our city, so we will be trying to reach out to as many of you as possible. Whether that be through our presence at local committees, our network of social media or just good old fashioned knocking on doors. We urge you to get in touch with us to voice any concerns that you would like us to take into the Council Elections next May.

Better still get involved with us; we are constantly growing as a party both nationally and locally and we believe that this is an exciting time to get involved with Green politics. If you are interested, please get in touch with us using any of the contact details on this website or add us on facebook here:

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