Salford Green Party has been busy in Salford for the Local Elections May 3rd

29 April 2018

Greens have taken positions in response to recent news in Salford.  First we do not favour development without planning fees and child-friend, family friendly green spaces.  We worry about school places for Salford people as we see our population grow.  We urge voters to ring up or email their Councillor and ask questions, like:

  • -          When will the cladding be improved and finalised on the tower blocks?
  • -          Why is Canon Green Court being developed as a high pile of stone and steel blocks, when Silk Street is already now overshadowed by looming towers? Surely low-rise would be better.
  • -          Is anybody planning for family creation and child rearing in the Greengate, Ordsall and Irwell areas?
  • -          How will library access be arranged for the huge numbers of new flat dwellers that are moving into Salford

SALFORD’S WEBSITE SAYS:  “The Lead Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods is to be confirmed shortly” – no leader? Key area.

Greens also surveyed around Salford to find out opinion about the new housing.  The two-story houses at Charlestown are popular, and most are now full with families, children playing and cars in the drives.  Greens favour bringing the bus services into Whit Lane estate and stop making people who use busses feel inferior.  At present they have to walk from Energise Living well into the estate from the main bus stop.

Greens were concerned about social cleansing over the last 4 years as Salford developers got hold of more and more of our land.  Now with Castle Irwell a mysterious, walled space, we worry about the three aspects-

1              Will families from Salford be able to afford any of the new housing?  We would prioritise the affordable housing approach.  Making profits is not all there is to housing. It's a social service.  Salford needs to reduce the length of its social housing queues.

2              Will they be cutting down mature trees, and how will wildlife recover from this at Littleton Road?

3              Will Salford University students be able to live at Castle Irwell?  It’s depressing if all the students live in tower blocks.  Towers are meant to be temporary, and each tower dweller needs to have access to green space and friends in lower rise housing. 

Greens are also intrigued by recent developments in Claremont.  We believe the whole of Salford needs more Community Centres with library and computer spaces and printing services. Life is intolerable now if you don’t have access to the internet.  Luckily our Libraries do a great job providing these services.

Helpful numbers: - New Black Bin, ring 0161 793 2500 , pay £25.75.

FREE WASTE BIN LINERS:  You can pick up free food waste caddy liners from Broughton Hub, 50 Rigby Street, Salford, M7 4BQ


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