Salford Greens Plan a Large Campaign 2020

28 August 2019

Salford Greens Plan a Large Campaign 2020, due to having to replace all three seats in EVERY council ward in Salford. The election date around first week of May, 2020, also has 2 mayoral elections.  One is 'Salford Mayor'.  Greens are running Wendy Olsen against mayor Paul Dennett.  Wendy and the greens have criticized the growth strategy of Salford council, which presumes a 25% rise in population over just five years up to 2024!  this whole lot of incomers will put huge pressure on basic services.  The second mayor role is 'Greater Manchester Mayor' currently held by A. Burham.  


Overall this  means the local Greens need 62 candidates (60 for Councillor, and 2 for Mayor) in May 2020.  The campaign starts around Feb. 2020 and the selection procedure is starting soon.  Some people can be 'paper candidates'.  Others will be target candidates.  We aim for good representation of women and all minority / Interest groups in our selection procedure.  Members can put their names forward - get in touch!

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