David Jones Comes Second in By-Election in Blackfriars and Trinity Ward, Salford

14 November 2021

David Jones came second in the November 2021 By-Election in Blackfriars and Trinity Ward, Salford.  The results showed the Labour vote in decline, and the Green Party in second place.  Just as in May 2021 the Greens had a strong vote bloc.  This time it was 20%. The count showed a very low turnout of voters, but higher turnout on the Postal Votes. 

Christopher Bates, Conservative - 68
David Jones, Green Party - 160 votes
Roseanna Wain, Labour - 408
Joseph Ross Allen, Liberal Democrats - 152

The election was held following the untimely death of the incumbent councillor.  The Labour candidate is now councillor in this ward until May 2022.  

Just 788 votes were cast, which is 10% of the voter list of the ward.


Photo of David Jones, then Treasurer of NW Green Party, at a Demo outdoors 2016


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