Salford Greens Events List May/June 2016

10 April 2016

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QUESTION TIME FOR SALFORD 7-9 pm on Monday, 20 April, 2016.

Panel 45 minutes, Invited:  Susan O’Shea, Young Greens leader Lauren Barnes, Wendy Olsen

Chair of Panel Dane Yates (TBC)

Plus Workshop facilitation 45 minutes ‘Green Feedback Jamboree’

Venue is  St. Sebastians, Whit Lane near Langley Road, adjacent to Energise Living Well Centre.  We can have posters, foods, etc. It has a white wall and a Projection facility so there's a chance to look at Green internet sites too.


3 May 7-9 pm, a Networking Public Meeting, at Beacon Centre, Albion High School, off Cromwell Road, Lower Broughton.  Topics TRANSPORT, NEW FLATS, FLY TIPPING, FLOODS and DRUG USERS.

The green candidates for the local area DAVE JONES, JASON READING, WENDY OLSEN and DANE YATES will be there in listening mode. We have 20 candidates in all, and you may also meet Emma Sarah Van Dyke, Jason Reading, Daniel Towers, and others.


On 8 May there is a special action day in Manchester called 'Walking Backwards' starting around 4 pm.  We plan to hold a Singing Party just after that around 7 pm. Get in touch to find out more (Text 07891 266635).


4 June, 4-6.30 pm, a special conference on SALFORD FLOODS, CLIMATE CHANGE and SOLUTIONS, held by Climate Survivors and local groups, all locals and families welcome.  Stalls, q&a, songs, short short presentations, many officials invited to this special event so you can have your say. Venue Albert Park pavilion.  We’ll be picnicking that day too.


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