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Salford Green Party

Welcome to the Salford Green Party website.

We are again offering a real Green alternative in the Local Council elections in May 2020, the Salford Mayoral elections of May 2020, and in the upcoming General Election.

General Election page:

Salford Green Party has selected Wendy Olsen, Guy Otten and Chris Seed in BlackfriarsWard, David Jones in Broughton ward, and many other candidates for various wards:  Bryan Blears, Ian Pattinson, Jennie Mellish, and Daniel Towers for the May 2020 elections.  Our main aim at present is to get a group of Green Councillors.

Our General Election candidates are Bryan Blears, David Jones, Daniel Towers.  We have a special process to try to include candidates who identify as female.  It's very inclusive. We are a friendly party with local members spread out over the whole range of Salford, from Cadishead and Irlam all the way to Greengate, Irwell river areas, Trinity, and Ordsall in East Salford.

We have a lot of student and youth members, who are active all year round. They like our Policies in Pubs nights.  These are monthly on the 3rd Wednesday. 

We have experience running in the local By-Election for the Council wards of Claremont and Kersal. 

      For more news, contact your local greens.  Use facebook for a quick look at Events, or use email to get a direct reply.  Secretary:


What a Problem Trash is, in Salford!

Our facebook group is at
Some of our policy videos can be seen here. Click here for our Campaign Videos in Youtube.

All our campaigning material is locally produced.  Here is a local leaflet on food.


We meet regularly at the Eccles Gateway centre, with an activity (such as video or policy debate).

Members may put a motion to the group by sendingv it out to members a week ahead. Just send it to the secretary, currently a shared role so use

Upon joining, you are likely to get a phone call from us.  You might hear from Lisa or Guy our 2019 Membership Secretary.  

.. Welcome to Salford Greens!

                  "Join us in campaigns!" says Wendy Olsen, European MEP election Green Candidate May 23rd, 2019

                  We won that campaign, with Gina Dowding of Lancaster now standing in the European Parliament for Greens.


Wendy Olsen - Salford Green Candidate













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