Salford Council Elections Looming May 7, 2020 - Salford Green Party runs both a Mayoral candidate, Wendy Olsen, and 60 Council candidates

26 February 2020

Salford Greens have finalised their election campaign for Salford City Council 2020.


The city has to replace all three seats in every council ward in Salford.

The election date 7 May also has 2 mayoral elections.  One is 'Salford Mayor'.  Greens object to having an Elected Mayor, and prefer to see a Cabinet system that focuses on democracy in Council.


Salford Green Party are running Wendy Olsen for Mayor and Councillor.


The second mayor role is 'Greater Manchester Mayor' currently held by A. Burham.  Manchester Greens will put up an excellent Green candidate so that hustings will enable us to raise severe issues with the Manchester Spatial Framework and recent  changes in Social Care at the Greater Manchester level.  This Mayoral election will be a real chance to publicly challenge the monopoly power of the leading party in Greater Manchester. 


Daniel Towers (shown) is running for Councillor this year - you could run too, just get involved in the Salford Green Party! 

Daniel Towers in Buile Hill Park

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